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Flying By

I seem to be project jumping these days… mostly all of February really. Working on a custom headband for a bride to wear to her shower and sorting through The Attic applications and still making some small barrettes to sell at Flourish. Meeting with new freelance clients for costumes for a handful of projects.  Pair that with a slightly endless stream of visitors in this month and February flew by, thankfully since I loathe it. February in the Mid-West is usually below zero and covered in snow, this one has been quiet different: no snow and a handful of days that have been in the 40s. Strange month.

Here are a few pictures of the headband I created for Monica and her bridal shower.

The Attic Update: This week we (Alicia Wilson and my self) are sorting through applications and compiling a group of artists. Letters will go out to participants and we will  have our first meeting in March and I could not be more excited to see something we have been talking about for two years finally start to happen! Stay tuned for more updates!


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The Attic
Research, Discover, Build, Experiment.
Hello! I am co-founding a new artists collaborative with the lovely Alicia Wilson, and wanted to put out a call to spread the word here. If you or any other artists you know would be interested in a research based experimental group of many different types of artists, I would like to share the below information with you! Even if you are not that interested, or not in Chicago, help us out by posting our link and get the word out there! Any way you could help us gain exposure for this project would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you will take a minute to see what we are all about!!

Thanks, and please pass this along!!!

What is The Attic

A research grounded collaborative, gathering artists across multiple disciplines to share inspiration, methodology and creative process.

Guiding Principles: 
We exist to foster a community where research is the basis for artistic discovery. The Attic provides a forum for creation through the lens of various disciplines and aesthetics. We believe in the power of the creative process, that experimenting leads to innovation,
and that a strong collaboration lays the foundation for greatness.

A Call To Artists:
The Attic is looking for artists across a wide variety of disciplines, experiences and viewpoints to be a part of the launch of this project. We will meet bi-monthly, 7-9pm on
Wednesday evenings, beginning March 7th.
Focusing on American culture in the 1950’s
and 60’s, this group will research, discuss and create work under the guiding principles listed above

To apply go to the Chicago Artists Resource posting for the Application, or email TheAttic.Chicago@gmail.com  for more details and with any questions you might have.

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Super Sunday

While the most people were watching the Super Bowl today (by the way who did win?) I was at home baking some really lovely cinnamon rolls and rooting around in my studio. I came across a mason jar of beach stones I had collected this summer on a trip to Union Pier, Michigan. I had them tucked away with a handful of images I had forgotten about. They were the perfect thing to come across on this slightly chilly February morning. They will be inspiration for the upcoming collection of headbands and other pieces.

After some rooting around on Pinterest for more images of nests and eggs I found this

 pinned from here.  I have been thinking a lot lately about how to make other’s day just a little easier and different ways to make strangers smile. This one is a beautiful idea and I think I will try and post some around the city.  Do you have any creative ideas on how to make strangers smile?

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