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Sassy Specs!

Woah, it has been a while. I have started a new job which is why is been so long! I am now an optician at the lovely Eye Spy Optical! Its awesome and they hooked me up with these awesome Rapp frames (they are Canadian made!)

rosalind by Rapp

They gave me quite the introduction on their blog. Its a sweet place with some lovely ladies and really awesome specs. I have been coveting a pair of Francis Kleins there for … well the whole time I’ve worked there.

In other news:

Now the garden is growing! It amazes me every day that not everything has died, its still strange to see stuff that I planted grow and produce food… or flowers.  I have had some help from some really lovely ladies and one tiny human. Image

I have also updated my etsy shop and am looking forward to completely stocking the store after I finish up a few secret projects that are due at the end of the month.

The Attic, is currently in a slight full swing.. meaning its summer so some members are working in other countries and Sammy and Alicia have shows coming up. We will have blog to follow our process for that shortly. Its been really exciting to be challenged and stimulated creatively.


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