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Wishing for Spring

Recently life has been full of finishing projects and starting new ones, sprinkled in were some really awesome snow days with my favorite little dude.

It seems that babies are popping up all over the place. I have wanted a good reason to make SpoolSewings bird mobile for a while. Well, I finally got to make one for my co-worker!




2013-03-18_17-34-57_720 (3)











Playing in the snow with your favorite 4 year old is pretty much the best way to cheer up and get rid of that crabby feeling you’ve had for a few days. Even though winter seems to be dragging on. And on.


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Wandering around on one Sunday Afternoon I found a pile of free books. I have only ever seen a book exchange at the Logan Square one. Hers’s to hoping that more free book places pop up around the city.







Now I am just dreaming of spring while its snowing outside.  What are you excited for about spring?


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