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121206-212406 It seems that the universe wants to keep me sick so far this year. Food poisoning last weekend, Sinus infection this weekend. ugh.

On a happier note: I have been overwhelmed by the kindness I’ve experienced over this past week or so. From friends bringing soup and crackers over to being taken care of in times of high stress. Also the calming powers of a living room fort shared by your favorite four year old are amazing.

Between being sick and working I am slowly but surely reorganizing my attic studio. Trying to organize fabric is not my favorite. Any suggestions besides the obvious sort by fibers? I am excited to finally get it done and have feel at home up there. Since it is an unfinished attic after all.. its a little on the creepy side.

This week I got the ball going on a project I have been dreaming about for some time now. It’s a dance for camera collaboration with The Dance Team and a few other people that haven’t been nailed down yet. Its just in research stages right now, and will take about a year to complete but I can’t wait to get started. It is the year of getting things done. (Alot of these things will be baby steps but, hey I’ll take what I can get.)

What projects have you started this year that you are excited about? Any thing you are dreaming about?

snow tracks

snow tracks


puffy pigeons staying warm


Blood Orange Pie at Bang Bang


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This week this video has been floating around social media, it’s from Soul Pancake. I had been ignoring it until about five minutes ago.

The kid makes some good points, my favorite I think is “what will your Space Jam be?” and “Don’t stop believing… Unless your dream is stupid.. then get a new dream.” The video is cute and makes you want to be a part of something awesome. A friend of mine is starting something awesome on the South Side of Chicago called Good Things Grow Midway The group strives to build community through art, ecology, community and action. They are just getting started but it is sure to be awesome and I can’t wait to help in  any way I can.

On another note I am in the process of backing this beautiful hand embroidered quilt my sister got me from Thailand. The process has been interesting since currently I am washing it before I start the actual backing. It started like this …















and ended like this. Three rounds of rinsing and I have got the water slightly less blue but clearly this is going to take a while









to hoping that this coming week is a little warmer than last week.


Good thing I had a super warm hat knit by Indigorchid! I still had to really bundle!


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