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Its been quite a long time! Whew! Lots and lots going on here! First the exciting stuff. I have been working on costumes for Cristina Tadeo’s Senior concert. It was a dance about social media and the effect it has on our society. It was a beautifully crafted dance. (pieces of jersey tea dyed for Cristina’s costumes)Image 
I have also been working on costumes for Paige Cunningham and Pam McNeil both are faculty at Columbia College Chicago. Their dances were shown as part of Manifest at Columbia this past Thursday and Friday. (pictures to come soon) It was a mad rush to get all the pieces built or shopped, a total of 20 costumes in a month and a half! 

After that mad rush was over I spent some time updating my website and building a mobile one! I am not super tech savvy so I felt like a champ when I was done! Now its on to building a raised bed vegetable garden in my backyard with the help of Julie from South Side Horties!! I will also be job hunting and updating my etsy store which is in some pretty sad shape right now. 

What are your spring projects looking like? Anything fun you are looking forward to?

Oh, I almost forgot! The Collaborative I co-founded is doing well! We have raised some interesting research questions for us all. I am currently searching for answers for these questions:
(sidenote: we are researching the American 1950/60s. I was drawn to the women of this era and how women’s fashion was an outward expression that nothing was wrong. Many women did not talk about their problems and continued to pretend that they had none.)  

Is the woman that comes to mind when some one mentions the 1950’s housewife history or a myth that we have now accepted as truth? Why does she look like Betty Draper in our minds? 

Why is the only image of this woman that comes to mind middle upper class? She is usually white, blonde and wearing pearls and red lipstick. 
Why pearls? 

All of us have our own questions we are researching, those are just a few of mine. 


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